Hypocritical Much?

So remember last week when I was like, “Ech I’m SO OVER chevron”? Well, I sort of bought this today:

blue and white chevron vase

{via Wayfair}

I guess I’m not as tired of it as I thought. Funny how that works. In my defense, earlier today I passed up a chevron maxi dress and chevron wrapping paper – both in blue and white, my personal kryptonite but I just couldn’t say no a third time. What am I, made of steel?? So when a friend tempted me with this fabulous vase she needed to unload, my defenses were already in a weakened state. I could fight the “anti-chevron” fight no more and I gave right on in.

Why do I feel the need to confess this transgression when I could have easily kept that dirty little secret all to myself? It probably has something to do with the fact that in addition to being a designer I’m a blogger and bloggers, by nature, must possess a teensy bit of narcissism. Where else do you get the notion that anyone else ought to care what you think about anything? I think it takes a little bit of drinking your own koolaid to think that anyone other than you finds what you have to say the least bit interesting. So with that in mind I felt compelled to share this hypocrisy of my own because I think it illustrates a couple of things that I’m sure you’re about to find earth shattering.***

1. Chevron is classic and it ain’t going anywhere. No matter how much overexposure it gets or is said to have gotten by some slightly self-absorbed designer/blogger.

2. Love what you love no matter what anyone else says. If you love it, it’s not “over”.

3. There may be no such thing as “over”. Remember tapered jeans with zippers and how after the 80′s we all said “never again”? Well here they are looking absolutely amazing on Charlize Theron.







3. Designers and design bloggers should drink a little less of their own koolaid.

4. That blue and white chevron vase is going to look so amazing in my office.


*** Sarcasm, obviously.

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03. April 2013 by Sarah
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